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Live In Care Medium-Dependency Package

This live-in package is a good balance for someone needed more than a little support, but who still has a level of independence. In other words your carer is able to take daily breaks of no more than an 2 hours but no replacement carer is needed.

If needed, you are able to request mobility/travel assistance.

For this medium live-in care support package you can expect our carers to help with medication tracking, minor toilet issues, dressing/undressing, personal hygiene and grooming.

Our friendly, professional cares will also ensure that your home is immaculately kept and you are nourished. Their duties will include shopping, cleaning, cooking and laundry.


Domestic duties


Mobile with the use of Aids


Assistance with medication



Price based on assessment

Live In Care High-Dependency Package

Specifically designed for our clients that will need very hands on care and whose frailty, disability or illness requires around the clock comprehensive care.

This live-in care package includes a highly-trained experience carer who is capability to efficiently handle difficult health issues.

A full understanding and tools to deal with complex conditions

Our live-in carer will assist with all aspects of personal care - hygiene, bathing, incontinence - as well as making sure the home is cleaned and managed.

Full companionship and help with any social activities or maintaining hobbies and interests.

You are assured that you or a loved one will be cared for and monitored 24 hours a day and the carer will only be away for the 2 hour break only.

The live-in care costs and funding will differ in the case of couples both needing equal assistance and is subject to a full home and care assessment so that the package can be perfectly tailored to your needs.



Domestic Duties

Double incontinent

Nursed in bed

Use of equipment

Give medication



Price based on assessment