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Our Live in care package include the following duties:

- Medication management

- Food preparation and cooking

- Laundry and housekeeping

- Cleaning and home management

- Personal hygiene care including: bathing, grooming

  and toileting needs

- Shopping needs and trips

- Maintaining daily routines and social activities

We offer a variety of live in care, including:

- Palliative care

- Dementia/Alzheimers care

- Frail care

- Stroke Care

- Parkinson’s care

- MS care

- Short-term Convalescent care once discharged from hospital

- Spinal Injury

- Paralysis Care

- Cystic Fibrosis Care

- Cerebral Palsy Care

- Muscular Dystrophy care


Eniola Care   Live In Care Approach:

- Daily tracking and record keeping of care

- Our outcome-based programs are centered around

  each client and their unique needs

- Helping clients and family with budgets,

  costs and funding

- Diet and nutrition guidance

- Quality control done by strict documenting

  and surveys

- Regular feedback meetings to review

- Helping to establish a supportive framework

  of family and friends

- Maintaining the home and taking care of all

  housekeeping, cooking and cleaning chores

- Monitoring and coordination medication, therapy

  and doctor visits.

- Helping with personal hygiene care in a respectful  

  dignifying way

- Assisting with toiletry and incontinence pad needs

- Keeping clients mobile and helping with mobility


- Encouraging clients to keep their independence and

  promoting choice

- Providing companionship and escort to social activities

- Ensure our carers have hands-on experience and


- Doing whatever we can to assist our clients with

  maintaining a healthy quality of life